Who We Are

The Oceania Halal Services operates in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We provide halal services to our valuable customers around the world. The company objective is to achieve our set goals and we are currently in the process of obtaining cooperation via our strategic partners and accredited partners who will provide support at international level. We aim to provide audits and certification for halal products and processes to be accepted worldwide. 

Our Vision

To build confidence and trust in halal products worldwide within the essence of Islamicvalues.  

Our objective

Ensure Sharia teaching and Islamic values in halal products.The purpose is to develop an authentic science-based halal system, which complies with the international and local halal standards in certification, auditing, and training.

Our Mission

To introduce and build halal awareness and confidence in halal products which are clean, wholesome, and of good quality. To encourage healthy and safe food selection practice in our daily life

Director of Oceania Halal Services Mr. Mansoor Siddiqui affiliated to Gold coast Mosque Arundel Australia. He is Active member of the community as well as cooperating and coordinating mosque members for different events and activities.


He is Certified in red meat Slaughtering and processing includes Poultry and game birds from Canada Guelph Ontario, Under the flag of Canadian food Inspection agency, He served the agency for 5 years as Halal auditor and food safety expert for Halal food products at export level in federal government. Performed as regulatory authority in Canada and also working with Dubai Municipality as Food safety and Halal expert, he was a team member who coordinates and implemented food code, safe food training at different levels and arrange international food safety and Halal conferences in Emirates of Dubai UAE.


Under Oceania Halal services flag we provide a number of services to the community and to Halal food industry, performing certified Halal training accepted locally and internationally. Our all-around Halal Lead auditor and shariah trainer will give you the correct and targeted program, during your halal certification and audit process with OHS, make an easy and fast program which helps for your business. If your staff gets training with our assigned trainer through our systematic platform, they can handle any kind of Halal work and business, we provide in-depth knowledge, training & certification.
Our staff provide services to the new and old existing business, related to Halal food and non-food help you about the product, process and selection of ingredients such information and help are enough to save time product wastage and money.


Our affiliated experts are also involved in various Halal and research projects around the world. They are capable of taking any task. We Provide Halal research and development and training in the Halal industry which gives innovative and alternative ideas/ selection of ingredients helps in the preparation of Halal food and non-food with Halal ingredients which helps the client to choose the quality brand halal products. We provide all training, audit and certification to business as per GSO, and UAE S 993 :2015 Animal Slaughtering requirements to Islamic rules Standards and UAE.S 2055-1 -2015 and category Standard GSO 2055-2:2015 General requirement for the Halal food and Malaysian standards MS 1500:2009 Halal food production, preparation handling and storage guideline such products will get welcome in the Middle Eastern region and worldwide.


Our company provides science-based training and assessment to Halal Industry through strong skills and validates and verify shariah compliance & providing food safety and Halal quality assurance parameters for their Halal consumers.


Our system policy and procedures provide support to business and maintain continuity in food safety and Quality and give warranty to export as per international Halal standards. We have our Audit and certification team members and experts around the world who can provide techniques for Halal food safety and investigate route causes. We will Play a leading role in the Halal food trade with customer trust. After 2019, Oceania Halal services provide best quality safe and wholesome products with the help of our partners which fulfill the local and export requirements, we deliver quality products at your doorsteps at reasonable price.


Providing halal services including auditing, training and more!

Our Services

Mansoor Siddiqui


Director who manages the Oceania Halal Services according to Shariah and Halal standards to provide best quality services and product supply to worldwide clients and consumers.

Mufti Owais Pasha Qarni

Director & Faculty Member

Renowned Mufti and Islamic scholar provide his expert services to clients.

Dr. Nasser Zeidan Mohammed

Training Coordinator

Training professional with Oceania Halal services who provides technical support on halal standards and helps develop halal systems as per customer and sharia requirements.

Why we?

  • Outstanding support
  • Best products for sale
  • Fast delivery
  • Warranty Halal and Safe Supply
  • Halal Training and Certification as per International Halal Standards