Training Program

  • Certified Halal awareness Training

  • Halal Slaughtering

  • Halal Stunning

  • Islamic Jurisprudence

  • Fiqh ul Halal Course

  • Halal Supervisor Training

  • Halal Slaughter-Man Training

  • The halal requirement of red meat and poultry processing and packaging and storage

  • Preparing halal value-added products as per Halal standards (red meat and poultry)

  • Halal Auditor Training

  • Halal Quality Assurance Program

  • Halal Gap Analysis

  • Planning and designing a halal system as per need

  • Small scale and large-scale halal business


We provide all training as per international Halal standards. We provide halal training as per UAE S 993 :2015 Animal Slaughtering requirements to Islamic rules Standards and UAE.S 2055-1 -2015 General requirement for the Halal food and Malaysian standards MS 1500:2009 Halal food production, preparation handling and storage guideline. to give no export problem within the Middle Eastern region.


All the training will be provided virtually via Zoom, or locally face-to-face with the latest information based on the research in halal industry science and technology and Islamic Sharia compliance.


The price of the training includes training materials, PowerPoint presentations, and official Participation Certificate from Oceania Halal Services, and with the affiliation and partnership of International Accredited company certified Training Certificate from an International Halal Certification Body.