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We provides Halal certification auditing and training services with our qualified team members

Mansoor Siddiqui

Director of Oceania Halal Services

Mr Siddiqui has in-depth knowledge and experience of halal food control management system:


Implementation and auditing of FSMS (HACCP, ISO 22000 & FSSC 22000)

Product certification system (based on ISO 17065)

Export witness audit qualifier from AUS-MEAT Australia

Certified in meat and poultry slaughtering and processing from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). He served the agency for 5 years as Auditor food safety and Halal food products expert Federal government regulatory Authority.

Engaged with the halal program and in-charge of hypermarkets in Dubai, UAE. He is one of the team members of the Food Code Committee and established halal programs. He also coordinates and helps in arranging international food safety and halal conferences.

Expert in slaughtering and processing red meat, poultry and also camel slaughtering and processing. Research in Halal stunning especially (gas stunning in poultry) 2018-2019.


He also provides/ facilitate certified halal training accepted locally and internationally. He provides halal research and development and training to the halal industry. He is innovative and has alternative ideas about the halal ingredients selection, which help the customer in the preparation of halal food with halal ingredients. This, in turn, helps the client to save time, money and reduce waste. He provides Sharia and science-based training and assessment of the halal industry through strong skills and years of experience around the world.


Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au, mansoor@oceanahalalservices.com.au


Phone: +61 499 773 507 or +61 470 333 436

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Mufti Owais Pasha Qarni

Director & Faculty Member

Director & Faculty Member of Fiqah Academy

Vice Mufti at Yassloonak Dar-ul-Ifta wa Irshad


His educational background is a Master’s degree in Islamic studies. He has M. Phil Degree in the FIELF F FIQH UL-HANAFI (JURISPRUDENCE OF HANAFI SCHOOL) currently pursuing a Doctorate in the discipline of AQEEDAH (THEOLOGY).


He is giving his valuable time to Oceania Halal Services and the clients to help in all aspects of the Qur’an and Sunnah and give us Shari’a guidance in all walks of life. He is on the Oceania Halal Services panel as a scholar and researcher and he gives advice as per Fiqah and Islamic dietary standards.


He also addresses queries on Islam and daily life related topics and fatwa related to Islamic Shari’a/shariah/sharyah and Sunnah. All the answers are free of cost for a charitable purpose. Questions can be asked from any part of the world. Apart from the educational and spiritual activities, he is also active on the public welfare project both at the domestic and international levels.


He is an active member and chairperson of Oceania Halal Services, Australia.


Email: owaispasha@fiqhacademy.com.pk or info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

Phone (WhatsApp messages only): +92 321 9206874

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Dr. Nasser Zeidan Mohammed

Senior Products Quality Officer

Training Partner with Oceania Halal Services giving technical support in halal training and assessment providing the services as per the client. He has experience in the following:

Products Conformity Assessment Section Inspection of food premises which are dealing with meat, meat products, and seafood outside the markets all over Dubai 2008 -2010

Acting as Senior Officer and Head of Team in October 2009

Team member in ISO: 9001 certifications

Member in Integral Department team and team member of Internal Auditors Team 2009-2015

Member of ISO: 17020 Accreditation team

Member in Inspection manual updating and CHECKLIST upgrading working plan 2009-2015

Sharing experience in Animal Products Safety standards and working inspection manuals 2009 -2015

Member in Dubai Abattoirs Auditing 2009-2013

Moderator of Dubai Municipality Halal Technical committee since 2016

Halal Trainer since 2016 (Awareness & Auditing courses) and trained almost 105 trainees to date

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Shaun McCullough


He is in-charge of all administrative work in Oceania Halal Services, Australia.

He contacts the client promptly to provide correct information on each product as per customer demand. He is the backbone of our company, dealing with local and international clients.


Phone: +61 428 695 (INCOMPLETE NUMBER)

Email: shaun@axix-aus.com or info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Dr. Hani Mansour Al-Mazeedi

Halal and Food Safety Researcher

He is a Food Safety Research and international activist in the field of Halal and Food Safety research since 1981. He is ready to provide his valuable services and coordinating with Oceania Halal Services from training to trading and he is an active panellist.


He is a Kuwaiti scientist specialised in the halal requirements for food and non-food products. He has been contributing actively to the development of the global halal industry since 1981 with a mission to serve the Muslim world by developing and protecting the integrity of the halal industry. He has delivered lectures on an international level on a range of halal aspects including meats, poultry, processed food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals and has earned global respect and recognition as an expert in the halal industry.


He obtained B.Sc. degree from the US and PhD from the UK. He has published several books such as “Concepts on Food Hygiene (1998)”, “Practical Guide to Food Safety (2002)”, and he is currently completing the work on a series of 7 books entitled: “Awareness Series” to be published soon. Between 1979 and 2019, he published a book of four volumes entitled “Index of Official Papers about Food and Slaughter According to Islamic Rites”.


Phone: +96 597 498 500

Email: mazeedi@hotmail.com, info@oceaniahalaservices.com.au

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Mr. Khalid Tarar

MSC Food Technologist

AIB North America Auditor Food Safety Specialist.


He is a Food Technologist and engaged in his work for the past 8 years. He also has engaged with Oceania Halal Services in the North American region and provides full support to the company in training, trading, etc. He is our representative in the US and Canada.


Phone: +1 4160824 5808

Email: khalidtarar@hotmail.com, info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Dr. Abdul Aziz Mutative

International Food Consultant

He is the Director of MRS, Dubai, and a technical expert in food safety training and assessment, MRS, Dubai, UAE and coordinates and corporate with Oceania Halal Services, Australia.


He is an internationally-renowned personality in halal work, in terms of training education and services, halal and food safety research, since 1981. He is willing to coordinate the halal awareness, research and development program. He will also cooperate with Oceania Halal Services and their expert staff to promote and give the best and scientific-based Shari’a compliance and training in the halal food industry.


Phone: +971 50 5454995

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Mr. Hassan Ghayas Siddiqui

Halal Food Staff

He is CEO / Director of Golden Triangle Traders (Pvt.) Ltd. (Importer exporter and wholesaler), based in Pakistan, business office in Dubai, UAE.


He is doing business in different commodities, fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits, and perishable and non-perishable items. He is a retail, wholesale, perishable and non-perishable food item, fresh and frozen coordinator of halal food help and trading partner and representative Oceania Halal Services in meat, poultry and fish, frozen and fresh mangoes. He works as an in-charge of Marketing and Trading of halal food staff meat poultry and representing Oceania Halal Services in the middle-Eastern region and Pakistan.


Phone: Pakistan +92 0323 2239722, Dubai +971 56 2248822

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Sarfraz Ahmed

Halal Lead Auditor

He is Food Technologist and Halal Lead Auditor and Coordinator for Oceania Halal Services in Sydney and Melbourne areas within Australia.


Phone: +61 404 640 776

Email: sarfaraz282@gmail.com, info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Mr. Sohail Siddiqui

HACCP Expert Food Safety Expert

He is a HACCP and food safety expert in quality management research. He has qualifications from:

Asian Institute of Technology

Magistrate of Science

University of Guelph, Canada Coordinate


He works with Oceania Halal Services Australia, representing the company in North America.


Phone: +1 (807) 632-6904 (only WhatsApp messages)

Email: siddiqui@tbaytel.net or info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Mr. Shaukat Ali

MSC Chemical Expert

He is halal and non-halal chemical expert representative overseas coordinating with Oceania Halal Services in trading and other projects. Help Oceania Halal Services in halal chemical selection and chemicals testing and analysis and provide the guidelines for the chemical business.


Phone: (only WhatsApp messages) +92 3362504352

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Ehab Uddin Siddiqui

Graduate Halal and Food Safety Coordinator

He is a young graduate from AP Peterson College, Australia. He is very talented with new ideas in coordinating different halal projects within Oceania Halal Services, and during the halal training section and seminars and halal workshops. He has halal awareness training and helps Oceania Halal Services in many tasks involving scheduling and coordinating the client for Halal training.


Phone: +61 499 77 583

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Dr. Salah Uddin

Halal and Food Safety Research

He is a renowned research and specialist in food technology business development. He is the coordinator and representative of Oceania Halal Services, New Zealand.


Phone: +61 415 272 357, +64 212 169 480

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Muhammad Salim Akhtar Khan

USA Representative

Director Fisheries Sindh (inland & Marine), Pakistan

He has experience in:

Freshwater &Brackish water Aquaculture

Pen and cage culture

Quality of seafood


He has done valuable research on Marine grass and fish skins to develop a system to create Gelatine production at the lab level. He is the representative of Oceania Halal Service in the USA. He is dealing with the training and trading section in research and development.


Phone: +1 (732) 662-8097

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Mr. Nadeem Shafi

UK Representative

He is our Representative in England, UK. Master’s in Business Administration, he provides administration and technical support to Oceania Halal Services. Contact for more information and services in the UK.


Phone: +44 7905799321

Email: n.shafi@hotmail.com, info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Dr. Shakil Saghir

Expert in Pesticides and Insecticide

He is the President and CEO of Toxinternational, Inc. A public health and toxicology company based in the US. He holds a PhD in Toxicology and Pharmacology from the University of Illinois, MPH from the University of Alabama and MSc and BSc in Zoology from the University of Karachi. He is a diplomate of American Board of Toxicologist (DABT), European Registered Toxicology (ERT) and from the Academy of Toxicological Sciences (Fellow ATS), Dr Saghir served as an Eco toxicologist at the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics of the University of Kansas Medical Centre, as a Research Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, as a Senior Toxicology Specialist at the Dow Chemical Company and Syngenta, and as a Chief Scientific Officer at Smithers Avanza. He also holds a visiting professorship in the Departments of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Dr Saghir has authored over 80 peer-reviewed papers/book chapters, over 100 conference presentations and over 200 technical reports in the area of the toxicokinetic, mechanism of toxicity and ways to improve toxicity testing. He is also a member of the editorial board of several leading journals.


He is an asset for Oceania Halal Services, as he provides his services in plant pesticides, pesticides residual in the spices and our clients will gain knowledge and get help through him in the field of halal pesticides and halal chemicals.


Phone: +1 (989) 750 6117

Email: info@oceaniahalalservices.com.au

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Dr. Mahmood

Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine, with Fiqh degree provide valuable sharia information Hadeeth/Hadith and Fiqh and support by Fatwa to Oceania Halal services.


Please contact Info@ooceaniahalalservices.com.au

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