About Us

O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Verily, he is to you an open enemy.

Who We Are...

The Oceania Halal services company provide services to our valuable customer. Company is trying to achieve our Goal and are in a process to collaborate with Strategic Partner to cooperate and get the proper accredited partner who can support our services at international level, in the view of business our certification will allow your Halal product and process to be accepted through out the world and we can help Muslim Umma and other brothers in and around the world with Allah (GOD) support.


We provide certification process & Auditing services as soon as our technical and shariah team gets the application and checked to find out its status as acceptable. Until the certification application is clear we did not charge any money, it means the rejected application on reasonable ground is free of charge. All the process will be in steps and giving a surety that your work is in the correct and professional hands.


At the time of application, we can give you an idea that the product you certify through us in shah ALLAH will reach to your customers anywhere you want to export. Our marketing team will coordinate and help you to provide correct information about your business.


Director of Oceania Halal Services Mr. Mansoor Siddiqui affiliated to Gold coast mosque Arendel Australia. He is Active member of the community as well as cooperating and coordinating mosque members for different events and activities.

We provide certified Halal training accepted locally and internationally. Our all-around Halal Lead auditor and trainer will give you the correct and targeted training as per your business when yours staff gets training through our systematic platform, they will not need any further information or training in any field of Halal processing of foods They will trained to get Halal product and process and ingredients information to save time and wastage. Our staffs are involved in various Halal and research projects around the world. We Provide Halal research and development and training in the Halal industry which gives innovative and alternative ideas/ingredients in the preparation of Halal food with Halal ingredients which helps the client to choose the quality brand. We provide all training as per GSO, UAE, ESMA, and Jakim Malaysian MS1500:2009 Standards and GSO 2055-1 -2015 and Category 2055-2, to give no export problem to the Middle Eastern region.


Our company provides science-based training and assessment to Halal Industry through strong skills and validates shariah compliance, our certified Halal food client are providing safety and Halal quality assurance parameters for their Halal businesses. We provide training and grown skills in Halal food preparation from farm to fork, our system policy and procedures provide support and maintained in food safety and Quality and give warranty to export as per international Halal standards.


Our team is Expert in slaughtering and processing red meat and poultry and camel slaughtering and processing. Audit companies and factories around the world and provide techniques for food safety and investigate route cause. Play a leading role in the Halal food trade with trust.