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He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah . But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

Audit and Certification: Oceania Halal service will provide Halal certification to food industries companies, manufacturers and food serving restaurants, butcheries and other food related outlets. which meet the requirements and guidelines and standards (set by the OIC, SMIIC, ESMA, GSO, Jakim Malaysia and Pakistan PHA accredited bodies to certifying bodies)


Our Process of application is very simple, after your query we provide the set of documents which should be filled by the interested party or company, as soon as Oceania Halal services receive an application, process will start, our team will assess documents, we perform a desk audit and check for the documents provided by the clients as a primary audit.  Reply will go to customer with an acceptance letter or if rejected at this point, Office will inform the client the summary of reject( no charge until at this stage all process of the level first is free of charge  and soon the accepted the client will have to pay the amount as per company schedules of the fee.) and possibility of corrective action can continue the process of audit. After the submission of processing fee our auditor will schedule and plan for audit that to inform to the client site audit along with audit agenda. At the time of certification our auditors will audit all the documents open meeting and close meeting check and assess site and floor include receiving, preparation, storage and packaging and serving area, with all machinery as per standards.


After the Halal certification audit, if pass audit a, certificate is issued to the client valid for one year and extended services up to 3 years as per standards.


Food Products: We provide Halal certification and audit from the accredited body and help in selection of best food products and safe Halal ingredients from reputed and world renowned local and international suppliers. We help in training and trading your food.


Food Preparation Area: We provide the information and help to get the correct food preparation area as per local council and Halal prospective of separation segregation etc. all work as per provincial government and safe food standards. We Plan and help your all needs.

Our services include the below but are not limited to:

  • Flavour and Seasoning agents used in food industry

  • Cosmetics

  • Airline Catering

  • Cruise catering

  • Abattoir / Slaughterhouse / Butcheries/Poultry/Duck

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Food, Health Supplements, Beverages

  • Chemicals packaging material food and non-food plastic

  • Bakeries

  • Restaurants, Cafés and Hotels

  • Central Kitchen, Takeaway, Catering

  • Hospitality, Hospital Kitchen & Institute Canteens

  • Halal Tourism and Hotel Halal Support providing complete information to the hotel and travel industry.

The Oceania Halal services is committed to provide adequate and continuous training for client’s management members and relevant employees on the halal standards and as per certification requirement. We can cover all other halal related issues in everyday life in various industries we are working on halal prerequisite program, halal HACCP, halal quality assurance and halal critical control points, specific training how to control and verify Halal Critical control point (CCP), during food processing. Auditors will perform auditing and certification as per current and updated standards. We provide various other services related to Halal Industry food and non-food.


Our services also include investigation of (complained) traceability issues in relation to deemed suspected products (halal and non-halal products issues). Finding out the root cause, misinformation, mislead or any fraud in halal food preparation and process and supply. We can provide technical accredited halal laboratory testing and analysis facilities in case of investigation of sample, analysis cost will be paid by the company involved in it.


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We provide various services related to Halal certification and slaughtering. Contact us to book a service today!

As a Muslim, and as human what we can eat:

Allah/God created us and sent us the guidance through revelation on the chosen people who are Prophets PBUH. Each prophet got revelation from God upon them.  The revelation of our beloved Prophet Muhammed PBUH, in relation to beliefs, sentiments and acts of ordered whether conclusive or presumptive is called Islamic sharia. Who informs us how to live a good human life in this world and what to eat and what not to eat? The Muslim dietary guideline also covers by shariah law, to inform us what good to eat and health for us to consume.



The word “Halal” is an Arabic word, means permitted or lawful, permissible, to consume and eat.

Halal Food and Non-Food: Halal food is the food including drinks, is allowed to be consumed according to Islamic rules and that comply with the requirement mentioned in halal standards.



The Opposite of “Halal” is “Haram” means, “not allowed”, “forbitten”, “not permissible”, “prohibited” due to so many reasons, example of any food, drink, or non-food is not complying as per halal shariah guideline( Pork in all form like meat or its  bi-products, and non-halal animal, dead animal, etc, animal not slaughter as per sharia standards. any filth, Najis, impure, and hazardous, intoxicated.)
Please follow the list of Haram or not permissible for further study.


Simplify as:

The food and non- Food that shall contain any animal meat product or bi-products as value added or added as processing aid, at any time of processing, that is prohibited by shariah from being consumed by Muslim.

It does not contain any impurities /Najis /Filth according to the Islamic shariah and fatwa guideline. Allowable animal (Cow, goat, lamb, birds, sheep’s etc) such Animal not slaughters as per shariah law are also Haram or not permissible, non halal animal listed separately some of the example, like Pig, wild animal, monkey, bear, elephant ,  lion, tiger ,donkey etc, any halal listed animal kill before halal slaughter or slaughter without the name of the God or Allah  at the time of slaughter use the name of idol or false God  come under category of haram, any cross contamination between halal & non-halal products equipment’s, utensils, machinery, vicinity, tools, storage transport , which contaminate  the  status of Halal product such products and bi- products are also comes under the same category as non-halal,  also fellow any  Food and drink which cause intoxication, or hazardous to human.



Means “Doubtful”, food and non-food items if the source is not declare or not clearly mentioned that it is from halal source or comes from haram source come  in the category of Mashbooh (doubtful until the source not declared, as halal source or haram source), for example Gelatine is come under same category until the sources of gelatine is not clear, even if Halal animal are not slaughtered as per shariah law are in Doubtful condition until complete evidence of Halal certificate issued from Halal certifying body to prove  halal source example of  such material, ingredient, processing aids, emulsifier, food colour, stabilisers, chemicals  are present and use in the food and non-food processing.


Major theme:

The Oceania Halal services Certification procedure will provide the client a clear picture and procedure of halal structure adapted on international halal standards. OHS is dedicated to provide Halal Services and certify a perfect halal wholesome food and non- food products, beverages and also cover consumable of our daily use for the Muslims community in and around Australia and also to overcome the world Halal Market demand. The OHS will get a leading position in the halal market soon and this is important in the development of the Australian economy.

The dream of each of us  “To become a world leader in the halal market”, We must take wise and strong scientific steps to develop and establish a commercially viable Halal Services system to fulfil halal market need, as well as serve  our clients inside and outside Australia New Zealand and Fiji, The OHS will provide technical structure and strength  to the halal system in the region.


  1. The Oceania Halal services have the capability to perform locally in Australian market with the halal standards and will get its halal accreditation soon as per Australian standards for export purposes. Later we will perform Halal audit and certify halal meat and meat products for export. The conformity accredited body will provide the halal certification to OHS, which helps to get export logos of AUST-MEAT, thereby confirming the level of compliance to both manufacture and the user. We will follow international halal standards mentioned above for Halal certification audit and training purposes.

  2. No fee will be charged from the client by the Oceania Halal services at the initial level of application process. Oceania halal services need complete information and documentation evidence which helps in product assessment and procurement. The process and ingredient check and halal sources of each products are the key component of our assessment with evidence of product specification documents ,purchase slips, receipt  menu, research and development documents, and halal certificate of the product or the ingredient if any  from the suppliers which prove that the  ingredients used or will use in to develop product ,or any processing aid used in the process are halal and safe.

  3. The business needs to specify the Halal Policy procedures and system. There shall be no cross contamination between halal and non-halal products, ingredient, system and site, and halal ingredients shall be used all time or in further processing like halal value-added material. The application signed by the higher management owner or director or CEO of the business, include business plan, number of processing site number of the products and number of employees working and final estimated turnover or production per day. Restaurants and take away which include ready to eat food. The documents include the food Packaging materials and cleaning chemicals details.


Oceania Halal services, Halal Food safety experts and Shariah panel members, reject the application on strong evidence, if the application is not qualifying as per Halal shariah standards (complete assessment and verification of ingredient and documents provide by the client, shows that the product Ingredient, raw material or Process is not Comply as per Halal standards and Shariah compliance.) The application will be rejected and informed to the client through Email.


Note: If the Application is rejected, it can be reviewed and one of OHS members will sit with the company person under the supervisor to give the alternate acceptable solution as per sharia standards, and advice for alternative ingredient, process or any other change acceptable under halal standard. The application will be sent to the panel for review and final decision.


To simplify the Halal Audit and certification procedure please follow the below diagram and read the final comments. 

Halal Audit & Certification Structure of the Application Process and Procedure:

Final Comments:

Contact Oceania Halal services, send via email or Call us over the phone provided in the contact us section. The Oceania Halal services will provide the required Halal certification form as per your business requirements electronically.

  • Fill out application form: Fill and sign the Application form and send it back to us.

  • Evaluation of Application: Our expert staff will evaluate applications and documents provided and inform clients via email.

  • If complete Application reject or Fail due to non-compliance or non- halal ingredient /process or products. File close no fee charge.

  • If complete application is Pass The next step informs the client to pay Certification and audit fee for further process.

  • Schedule Audit and Review Plans: Our expert staff inform you all via email

  • Product compliance audit: A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s adherence to halal or regulatory guidelines.

  • Evaluation report: will inform you soon after the Satisfactory report.

  • Certification Decision: will inform about Certification decisions.

  • Assurance of Halal Certification: Halal certificate of the company products or number of halal batch certificates will be issued.

  • Validity of the certificate is as per Halal standards and product complexity.

  • With the draw of Halal certificate or Halal logo of the company in case of any misleading or Halal products deem suspected. The certificate will be the property of Oceania Halal services and cannot be transfer to any other company or copy.

  • In case of any changes in the management, machinery, ingredient, raw material, process or any other new product development. The company or the management will inform the Oceania halal service with prior notice. Or information through email in advance to start any new things or changes in the existing plan structure of the product.

  • A written permission shall be required by the Oceania halal services for any of the above cases.

Assurance of Certification and Trademark of Halal Label

Issue certificate and approval to use the Oceania Halal Services Certificate, label and/or logo on foodstuffs.

  • Public Information: Update website as certified organisation and register. Also, notify the relevant authorities.

  • Audit and Certification: The costs of certification include administration charges, desktop audit, in-person site audit, and the certification license cost.

  • Determined by the following:

  1. We always check the nature of the product being certified.

  2. Certification has 03 years validity and dependents on compliance with the standards depends on outcome of surveillance audits and lab result if any

  3. Surveillance frequency will be stipulated as every six months. In addition, visits may be conducted as per company policy and requirement of Halal standards.

  4. We required the number of sites and size and complexity of the client and its production.

  5. We confirmed the number of products being certified.

  6. A Client can able to write for extension of scope of certification to cover its additional products, process and sites. Follow by OHS experts for necessary action such as audit /evaluation of documents

  7. The OHS provides clients with a two-year certification license subject to surveillance audit which may annually, or more frequently depending on the nature of the operations.

  8. Slaughtering and abattoir will get 1-year halal certification with surveillance visit every six months, renewal will be linked with surveillance and unannounced audit.

  9. The renewal form should be submitted 3 months ahead of expiration.

  • The businesses that are deemed suspect, or if a mistake is discovered or misuse of the halal logo or non-halal ingredients used in the process or products, cooking and serving, OHS will withdraw the halal certificate or halal logo after a complete investigation.

  • Any food fraud complaint will be checked and analysed through an accredited local and international laboratory for the sake of food security and protection of halal food integrity.

  • All the cost will be paid by the company involved in the fraud or mislead, of that product as per standards.

  • Food Products: We provide halal certification and auditing and assist in the selection of best food products and safe halal ingredients from reputed and world-renowned local and international suppliers. We help in arranging the internal and third-party Halal audit for your suppliers to make sure that all products purchased are safe and halal.

  • Food Preparation Area: We provide the information and help to get the correct food preparation area as per local council and halal perspective. The client’s business site will be visited by our company experts to review the plan and provide all information about separation and segregation of halal and non-halal systems. All standards followed as per local council and other government and safe food requirements.